18 September 2010

Hey y'all, let's grab our croakies and koozies and go!

This week I have been working at the USO headquarters, and I LOVE it!  They have me doing work with TeamUSO.  www.TeamUSO.org is a website where you can create a page and find ways big and small to fundraise for the USO.  It's really interesting!  One guy is serving in the military in Iraq right now and he figured out he is exactly 8,000 something miles from home.  He is having all of his friends log how far they run each week and add the totals up until they reach his goal to "run him home" while also raising money for the USO.  USO has also rolled out a new website in the past week.  It has stories of how the USO has touched people's lives on the homepage.  You should definitely read it, but keep the tissues handy!  www.uso.org  I also have been working on researching companies and their corporate social responsibility policies to see if any might be a good partner for the USO.  The funny part is I remember doing almost the same thing for an assignment in Neff's class my Junior year!  That journalism degree is paying off! :)

I'm losing my mojo.  I love working in the headquarters and the farther our ship out date keeps getting pushed back, the less excited I become.  I think it's just because I've been so busy in the past 4 weeks with quitting my job, moving, going away parties and goodbyes that I haven't had time to just chill.  Now that I do, my excitement is just starting to wane a little.

In other news, everybody I meet is AWESOME.  The end.  Nah, I'll give you more details.  Randy and Courtney are two girls going to work for the USO in Kuwait, so they are in the same hurry and wait situation I'm in.  They are both from "The South" and have taught me a lot about Southerners.

  1. Southern men open doors
  2. Southerners say hello and goodbye on elevators to complete strangers
  3. Southerners under the age of 70 wear sunglasses cords called "Croakies"
  4. Southerners bring their own koozies to the bar
  5. Southern ladies dress up to go out, church, and FOOTBALL GAMES!  (and by dress up I mean full on dresses, not cute top and jeans)
When I signed up for the job I thought I'd learn more about other cultures...I was kind of thinking more like Middle Eastern or European, but Southern is a whole different breed as well. :)


  1. Oops I think I meant further not farther.

  2. haha I love it! I'm glad we can be considered educational :)

  3. I can't believe you are still on American soil! I have to go to MD some time before the end of October. If you are still in DC we should hang out!

  4. The students here are good southerners and dress up for football games. Apparently the guys wear shirts and ties and the girls wear dresses, pearls and gloves.