12 November 2010

Things I Miss...

I love what I'm doing, and I am so grateful to have this opportunity, but of course there are things I miss.  
Fishy faces of Christian and me
    rock climbing at Summersville Lake
  • Ritter Park this time of year with the sound of leaves crunching under my boots and the smell of fireplaces in the air
  • Talking to Erin about 5 times a day...at least
  • Living a block away from Christian and Faith
  • the familiarity of going to the Union and knowing 75% of the population there
  • Chipotle, Qdoba or Moes - guacamole!
  • The sound of a furnace kicking on
  • The porch on my old apt where I could people watch and drink coffee
  • rock climbing with the Damrons
  • The comforting silence after a big snow
  • DiCarlos pizza ($1 bag extra cheese please, and no crust)
  • my fellow road warriors who helped me have fun even if it was a fair with 2 attendees or no AC or a boring conference
  • my Marshall recruitment family who taught me, nurtured me and encouraged me to be my best, you made me honestly enjoy coming to work (almost) every day!
  • Having somewhere else to read/use a computer/write/do anything else besides work and eat, other than my bed
  • tofu seasoned with curry and sauteed with mushrooms in a fajita with avocado and cheese
  • cooking
  • a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon
  • my mom's chili with cheese sour cream and rice
  • burrowing my feet under my roommate/family/anyone I know sitting next to me on a couch on a cold day's bum
  • Glee, Bones, So You Think You Can Dance, Modern Family, The Office
  • Two days off a week
  • the ability to jump in my car and go somewhere if I wanted to
  • belly dancing class with Michelle
  • watching Law & Order SVU marathons while napping on my couch on a Sunday
  • Fr Dennis in Wheeling and Fr Dennis at the Newman Center's homilies
  • Newman Center fun
  • not wearing shoes in the shower     
  • Sweeeeeeeeeet Caroline! Oh Oh Oh!
  • baths
  • Singing loudly when I feel like it
  • Daily Show and Colbert Report
  • iPhone (sad, but true, to be able to see the text conversation back and forth and e-mail and internet and apps!)
  • sushi
  • trips with Gretchen
  • fall or Christmas smelling candles
  • pumpkin spice lattes
  • all my friends and family!


  1. You'll never forget the first thing you eat when you get back to the states though. Mine was a bag of Kettle Cooked Mequite BBQ Chips and 2 Gold Peak Sweet Teas. Life was so good for a few minutes haha

  2. you can get colbert report and daily show here!