19 March 2011

Tomorrow's Plan

I know this woman who thrives on today’s action and tomorrow’s plan.  Every action from small things like what’s for dinner to big events like parties and vacations must be planned.  Days are spent participating in these activities all the while worrying about what’s next.

When do you stop planning for happy and just live it?

Her conversations are full of well when this happens then we can that.  How many of these responsibilities are just excuses disguised as when/then clauses?  How many 3 year plans will it take to love the life you’re currently living?

“I’m afraid I’m booked solid through the end of the month,” says the executive, voluptuously nestling the phone at his cheek as he thumbs the leaves of his appointment calendar, and his mouth and eyes at that moment betray a sense of deep security.  The crisp, plentiful, day-sized pages before him prove that nothing unforeseen, no calamity of chance or fate can overtake him between now and the end of the month.  Ruin and pestilence have been held at bay, and death itself will have to wait, he is booked solid.
-Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road

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