30 October 2013

Blogworthy Living

I haven’t written in a while, but rather than bore you with the details of my life, I want to highlight some blogworthy living I’ve seen.

Giving with your whole heart.

My friend Kat is a high school teacher who had this to say earlier this week on Facebook:

In class today...
Me - "Hey guys, don't forget our canned food drive, remember all proceeds go to the city mission"
Kid - "How long are we doing this for?"
Me - "Til November 8th"
Kid - "Oh good, we don't get our food stamps til the 7th, but I'll try to bring something in on the 8th"
.....I mean really, love his heart, sometimes I focus too much on the discipline issues and forget what good kids we really have

I can remember food drives in grade school and high school, and I was canvasing my neighborhood selfishly wanting my class to win a dress down day.  Or, I was scouring my parent’s cupboard for the disgusting cans I could alleviate myself from being forced to try 3 bites of .  Here you go homeless: have some beets, peas, and sauerkraut.  Enjoy! 

I was just astonished by a story the other day of a girl with a $1,000 prom dress, and apparently this is not a jaw-dropping, might as well set your money on fire, kind of situation.  This can be a pretty normal amount one spends on a dress for a dance with a guy who for the rest of your life you’ll probably speak to a grand total amount of no longer than the prom dance actually lasted.

Anyway, the point is this high school student didn't have much, but of what he had, he wanted to give.  It’s inspiring; it’s heart warming, and frankly it just restores your faith in humanity a little bit.

That brings me to Blogworthy Living Story #2

Running with your whole body.

Since June 2012, my friend Robyn has lost 140 pounds!  She has always been an absolutely beautiful person from her soul right down to her toes.  Now she is a high-energy, super healthy, rockstar athlete person too! 

Robyn lost a lot of the weight running.  But she wasn’t just running with her feet and some bad ass determination, she was running with her heart too. 

See Robyn uses the Charity Miles app where for every mile you run the non-profit organization finds a corporate sponsor to donate money to one of the charities of your choice. (For full awesome story of Robyn click here.)
Robyn is front and center in the green

Robyn chose Wounded Warrior Project (that OTHER military non-profit, who also does some pretty great work to support our troops).  She says that at 5:45 a.m. when that alarm goes off, 

I think about the sacrifice of our veterans and their families and how some of them are struggling or can no longer run and it motives me to get up and go. Being able to give to them makes me smile and puts an incredible purpose to my morning run. 

So I leave you with these closing thoughts:

People are awesome.

Don’t miss the opportunities to see the good in others.

And check back next week, maybe I’ll highlight some others!

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