05 December 2013

How do you solve a problem like…Carrie Underwood's horrible acting?

The Sound of Music is a classic.  As a child I would wear the kitchen curtain on my head, and unlike most young girls who would pretend to be a bride, I pretended to be a nun - specifically Maria.  I would swing any bag with a handle around singing at the top of my lungs pretending it was a guitar case and my WV backyard was the streets of Austria, wherever that was.

I distinctly remember singing The Lonely Goatherd for a spring musical in grade school.  I also remember St. Michael Grade School's performance of The Sound of Music where I dreamily stared at my newfound crush, Captain von Trapp, also known as my soon to be freshman year Sadie Hawkins date, Alex.

In my house my mother has three movies that are the holy grail: Gone with the Wind, White Christmas, and The Sound of Music.  Needless to say my quoting of "I don't know nothing about birthing no babies," and "Mutual, I'm sureeeeeeeeee" added to my 3rd grade cool kid status.

Anyway, point being it's a classic, and not to be trifled with.  And trifled with, they did.  I get the whole - they're doing the stage version, not the movie version - idea.  I mean I am still a bit disappointed that a lot of the songs are out of order, but at least they are in there.  What bothers me is Carrie Underwood's horrible acting.  The girl's got pipes, but her constant staring directly at the camera when she is supposed to be speaking to another character, and anticipation of another character's movement before it happens is distracting, and downright, annoying.

There is no character development whatsoever.  If you had not seen the original movie, you'd have no clue why after what appears to be two days of being the children's nanny, she abruptly leaves after one dance with their father who miraculously now sings nonstop when two days prior he was whistling like an A-hole.

Now this may be me acting as a bit of a bully, but the kids weren't as adorable or endearing either.  Gretel was forgettable, Brigitta wasn't nearly sassy enough, and Kurt was not "incorrigible." (Remember his introduction Sound of Music purists?)

Then they basically ignored the entire NAZI plot line until the very last minute when it was unavoidable.  The saving grace was Carrie's voice, and surprisingly Frau Elsa Schrader's performance.  She looked very familiar, then I realized she was Benson's partner's ex-wife on Law and Order SVU. Who knew she could sing?  She also completed a stunning recovery after an extra stepped on her dress.

Not only was the word NAZI never even mentioned once in the entire live performance, the actual NAZIs seemed to be cast the day before the show and forgot all their lines.

Oh yeah, and Maria and Captain Von Trapp?  ZERO, ZIP, NADA chemistry.  She looked as awkward and unnatural as a sorority girl flirting with her 65 year old pot bellied professor to get a higher grade.

In conclusion, I would like to see how the sales of The Sound of Music, Julia Andrews version, will inevitably spike tomorrow.  Carrie, you beautiful, Godly gifted singer, leave the "acting" to only your music videos where I will gladly support you.

Disclaimer: I have no technical expertise in any of this, unless you consider being star of the 6th grade Christmas pageant as expertise.  I rocked that elf costume.

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