24 June 2014

Human Interaction

I am an extrovert.  I know; you’re shocked.  I love human interaction.  I need it to survive.  It is why I enjoyed living in a room with 4 other females more than living in an apartment by myself.  It’s also probably why I love my career so much.  I think I get it from my dad who has never met a stranger.

I love engaging strangers in conversation on the elevator.  There was this one hottie a couple weeks ago that we chatted in the elevator, and then later in my head I crafted an entire romantic comedy plot for us filled with mistaken identity and plot twists all starting with our meet cute in the elevator.  (It’s a captivating story…I mean there are 3 Sarahs in my office, what if he wanted to contact me and got the wrong one!) 

I also enjoy learning people’s names like Fedeke is the parking lot attendant at the gym, Rhandy is the concierge I get my packages from at my apartment, Rosslyn works security in the building I work in on the weekends…so on and so forth.

(This is a visual approximation. 
I did not attempt to take a photo while driving.)

Anyway, due to the lovely DC traffic situation I take all back roads to work.  So, on my usual commute I pass multiple bus stops.  It saddens me every day when I see this particular bus stop on Walter Reed and there is a line of 8 people standing there completely silent, all with earbuds in. 

What if this is your chance for a meet-cute?!  (meet-cute: when a female and male love interest meet for the first time in a romantic comedy in an adorable way; definition comes from the romantic comedy, The Holiday) 

Old dude talking about Meet-Cutes in The Holiday

Even if you don’t meet your soulmate, what if you meet someone really cool?  Or at least someone nice, or interesting, or anything?!

Today I was actually on time, so I drove by this particular bus stop a few minutes earlier.  There were only 2 women at the stop, but it was the most brilliant sight…they were laughing!  Not just an obligatory chuckle either, it was the kind of laugh where one of them was bent over holding the wrist of the other one type of laughing.  It was glorious!

It made me really happy!

Now maybe tomorrow I’ll drive past and everyone will be back to staring down at their phones with their earbuds in…or maybe, just maybe, tomorrow morning those two women will at least greet each other first before they tune out the world.
To summarize, when I am with people:
I like doing this                                                                                                   more than this.

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