07 October 2010

...and this is why I'm here

Yesterday I was sitting on a couch and one Marine I know came up and sat down next to me.  We were just talking about stuff and he says, "Hey did you get the snacks I brought in?"  I asked if he bought the snacks himself and why.  He said, "Well this place is my home, and at home if I eat some snacks I go buy some more to replace them."

If I helped even in some teeny tiny way to help that Marine feel like he had a home where he could just relax and hang out while in the middle of fighting a war, then it's all worthwhile: the way I wanted to pee my pants at every noise the first day, the 12 1/2 hour flight, the soon to be missed Christmas with the fam, the going from an apt all to myself to a dorm room with 5 girls in it.  This is why I'm here.  

USO: Until Every One Comes Home.

Watch the new "Aftermath" PSA the USO created: www.uso.org

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  1. I've read all of your posts, and so far this one made me cry the hardest. I'm so happy that man/woman has a home for a few minutes a day. I will be sending a package full of decorations soon. Love, Jackie B.