19 October 2010

Typical Day

I haven't posted in a while.  I'm having some writer's block.  So, I decided the topic of this post would be what my typical day is like, just so everybody out there can know what I do.

  • 10 am - 11 am Wake up, hurry up and hit snooze and don't let it go off again, for fear of angering sleeping roommates, then check facebook, eat Clif bar, drink water, and get changed to go work out
  • 11 am - noon Work out in NATO gym with coworker Duane, we have to bring a pair of shoes, because your shoes get some dusty they won't let you wear the same ones to work out, also Duane and I get lots of looks because we're usually the only ones not in PT clothes working out (everybody else is military so they are in beige Army issued shirts, and we are in bright blue and red under armour), we probably also get looks because we laugh a lot in the gym about how pitiful we are and how I can only lift the bar and 10 pounds.
  • Noon - 12:45 pm Duane and I eat at a DFAC (dining facility), but you can't take bags in these, and we have to have a bag to take said second pair of shoes, so first we have to walk back to our mods (housing units) and drop off our bags, then go to the DFAC, either Niagara (which is my least favorite because they only have Thousand Island dressing and usually some form of mystery meat) or we go to Far East which has some yummy stir fry but little else.
  • 12:45-1:45 pm Shower and get ready for work, I wear some form of USO shirt and usually jeans and my Toms, then I bring a sweater or jacket because I freeze in the air conditioning
  • 2-11 p.m. I work.  This entails working the front desk which is monitoring people's usage on the computers and phones and helping distribute PS3 and Wii games.  I will also occasionally work UTRs (United Through Reading) where I help a troop pick a book and work the camera to video tape them reading to their kids and mail it off to the states.  I also am constantly making coffee, because they down it and making sure the place is clean and everybody's happy.  Sometimes I get a little time during the day to work on catching up with e-mails and planning programs.  As of yesterday I am officially the new "Programs Coordinator" for USO Kandahar.  Yay!
  • At some point during work I go to dinner usually at Harvest Falcon with a coworker or some soldier I guilt trip into going with me because I don't like eating alone.  Harvest Falcon is the American DFAC and my favorite.  They have Clif bars, Ranch dressing, ice cream and occasionally Dr. Pepper!  (It's the little things people!)
  • 11-11:45 pm I usually fiddlefart around and call my mom or dad or sisters or someone or just talk to some people after work
  • 12 am - 1 am Come home, tip toe into room with flashlight so as to not wake sleeping roommates, get ready for bed, facebook some more, watch some Glee on DVD or read and hit the hay to start all over again tomorrow

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