09 October 2010

Help make the holidays happy!

Our USO center here in Kandahar just opened up a couple weeks ago.  The holidays are quickly approaching and we have ZERO decorations.  We try to save our money to actually put toward fun events and keeping the center going with its computers, phones, snacks, and United Through Reading.  Therefore, we're asking all our friends and family to donate some decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanakkah, New Years or even any beyond that in the new year.  We want our center to be a "Home Away from Home" for the troops and decorating for the holidays would help with that. 

Any kind of decoration that you would put in your house, we'd love to have at our center!  You can send the decorations to me at:

Sarah Kemp
APO AE 09355

(It costs just as much as it would cost to ship anywhere in the States, I suggest using the Priority boxes at the post office, they're probably the cheapest bet).

Thank you everyone!  I think it will be especially nice when I see the decorations and I know that it came from someone that I know! :)

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